“Brilliant idea to bring all aspects under one website, while keeping Hope For Mental Health at the forefront, always navigating and helping people through the system.”

What Our Friends & Customers Have to Say

“Enjoying the launch of Pure North Adventures. We have always received great products with great pricing, from water purification, health products, dog food, household items, etc. Bud always prides himself in giving honest, never over priced products and services. He only sells what he would buy for himself, great quality and pricing. Not only will the website be for great quality products, We will enjoy the mindfulness part of the site as well. Brilliant idea to bring all aspects under one website, while keeping Hope For Mental Health, at the forefront, always navigating and helping people through the system.

Wishing Pure North Adventures great success and congratulations on this launch.”

Love: Mom, Rick, Cindy, Kaitlynn, Breanna, Kayleigh and Willow

“I have known Buddy for close to a decade and have been honoured to work with him as he tirelessly promoted mental health and broadcasted supports through his unique Hope For Mental Health organization! Along the way, Buddy never stopped his public support for local musicians, his other passion. My musical tribute, is proud to support Bud and all his endeavours.”

Shawn Gillespie

“Bud and I have been friends for a few decades now. We lost touch for a few years but we’re always friends. When he heard I started a food shack he contacted me about a water system for the Shack. He installed the system and my health inspector says the water is cleaner than the water in his house. Thanks Bud, you saved me a fortune and I’ve got an amazing water system.”

Bill Watt

Happy Grillmores

“I have known Bud Azzopardi for quite some time now, and find him to be a straight shooter. He has steered me in the right direction many times regarding my health, which I thank him for immensely. Bud put a water treatment system in for me. It is nice to know we now have good clean water to drink. One again Bud, I would like to thank you for the caring and good service that you provide. I recommend your company and services to everyone.”

Keep up the good work!
Health and happiness always.
A Cancer survivor.
Mollie H.
Whitby, Ontario

“Thank you Bud, for sharing your knowledge, excellent service, and dedication to Health. You are truly an asset to the quest for all individuals interested in attaining optimal health and well being. A business and a man with integrity, you will no doubt continue to make a difference in the lives of many. You are a true humanitarian. I always feel confident in recommending Pure North Water Quality to all my clients. I wish you God Speed! Keep up the good Work.”

Yours Truly,
Lorrie McConnell
Fenelon Falls

“I met Bud Azzopardi a few years ago at a health show. He impressed me with his vast knowledge of health products, the health industry in general and most importantly, his knowledge of the water treatment industry. Being a nutritionist and vegetarian, believe me I am not easy to impress! Bud has proven himself to be a man of his word. I can always count on him to do what he says he will. Thank you Bud for all your recommendations, they have always been appropriate and health promoting!”

Jenn Rosen
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

“Pure North did a complete replacement of my old system. From water filtration, water conditioning to water pump & pressure tank and the difference has been great. The water pressure and filtering is great. The bonus is the great support I get from Bud when I need it. All around, a great choice for us”

Joe Apollinaro

“My wife was very concerned for the children’s health primarily but also for clear water. We had allot of tannins in the water. After Pure North Water Quality installed our water treatment unit, including the R.O, all concerns were laid to rest and we we’re very satisfied with the system that was recommended , and the workmanship. Thanks very much Bud.”

Thierry. G

“I would like to thank Bud Azzopardi of Pure North Water Quality for the installation of the water purification equipment in my home. Although I had a few estimates from other companies, I was very impressed with the honesty, information and most of all, the results I am now enjoying by deciding to deal with Pure North Water Quality. I highly recommend Bud and Pure North Water Quality to anyone in need of water purification.”

Thank you,

Dave Burgess

“We have had the pleasure of working with Pure North Water Quality to purify our water in our new home. We were completely satisfied with the installation process and the professionalism from Bud. We know that our water is clean, clear and safe to drink with the filtration system that Bud installed. It is a pleasure to know that Bud still drops by just to check that everything is okay and if there is anything that he might assist us with. We would recommend Pure North Water Quality to all of our friends!”

Carol & Mike D
Fenelon Falls

“My company has been doing business with Pure North for over 20 years. I have always found the owner Bud Azzopardi to be progressive, straightforward and at all times honest in his dealings between the two companies. Pure North has never over promised or under delivered and is continually looking for the highest standards in product quality. I am very happy I chose the water treatment equipment recommended by Bud as I now enjoy trouble free and safe drinking water.”

Jim Kendle
North York, ON

“I am very happy to say that I am so pleased with the services of Pure North Water Quality in the installation of my Austin Air System, Reverse Osmosis drinking system and also of my chlorine free shower filters. Bud’s work is excellent and efficient, I recommend him highly for his performance and caring of people.”

Lois P.
Lindsay, Ontario

“We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for a job well done on a system that solved our water problems with the installation Pure North Water Quality suggested. The Reverse Osmosis Drinking System, Tannin removal unit and the Ultra-Violet light systems have turned our river water into safe and great tasting drinking water. Bud has kept in touch with us to make sure that we are completely satisfied and his follow up has been another great aspect of our water system.”

Thanks again,
Caroline & Clearence
Burnt River, Ontario

“Pure North Water Quality has been taking care of our water treatment needs for the past few years. Being in the Banquet Hall Industry, water quality is very important to us as well as our many customers. We thank Pure North Water Quality and recommend their services to everyone.”

Trillium Trails Banquet Hall

“We made the call to Pure North Water Quality when after numerous months, our new well was still not producing drinkable water. Bud came to our home to taste/test the water for himself and without delay ordered the equipment that was required. It was just a couple days later that I could actually start living a normal life again!! I can sincerely say that Bud was very professional with both the installation and follow up to be sure our needs had been met.”

Bob & Shanon T.
Kinmount, Ontario

“We are very pleased with the water purification products installed in our home by Pure North Water Quality and with the work done by Bud Azzopardi. We would gladly recommend Pure North Water Quality to all of our friends. Many thanks.”

Doug & Sharon Johnson
Campbellford, Ontario

“Thank you Bud of Pure North Water Quality for taking the time to install my new R/O system. The system works very well and the water tastes great. It is very comforting to know that I am able to enjoy fresh, clean healthy drinking water. I am very happy to be able to recommend you and your company to all I know for your professionalism and quality products and service.”

Thanks again,
Dinarte G.
Lindsay, Ontario

“My water has never been so good!! At the tap and at the refrigerator for ice too. Pure North took care of all of the set-up and piping. They have also been very responsive if we need new filters. I would recommend them!! Thanks again Bud.”

Michelle Barton

“We are completely pleased with our water system. We need to address the professionalism that we received from Pure North Water Quality and the system installed is functioning to capacity and performing to the levels as promised. Jay & I feel that the system has increased our business as promised. The purchase of the water system has shown our customers that The Firehouse Restaurant/Resort cares about everything that is served and consumed in our establishment including the drinking water.

Thank you for your continued business support and we strongly feel that the purchase of the system was not a cost but an investment in the future of our business. We are confident in offering your name to all our business associates and customers. Thank you for your exceptional customer service.”

Anita Maracle, Jay Manning
Firehouse Restaurant
Lakeside Cabin Resort


Thank you to the below businesses who have been with me through my health journey and stepped up when it mattered most, for the launch of Pure North Adventures. Forever grateful!



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